What our Customers say...


The boys that came out to help me were very careful and thorough! I would definitely recommend you to friends!

Thank you to SERVPRO of Flower Mound for restoring my home after we found mold in our home. The office staff is very friendly and everyone was quick to respond to our needs!

SERVPRO clearly explained the restoration process before the work began and as it was taking place. I was updated not only by the lead technicians onsite but the office as well as far as where everything stood. I would surely recommend SERVPRO of Flower Mound to my friends and family.

Several of your personnel assisted with the loss at our home. You all had a timely response and wonderful follow-thru. Thank you for providing photographs to us that were provided to the insurance company, it was of great help.

I was impressed by the team that performed services for our business. They were prompt, polite, and helpful throughout the entire time they were here. We know to call SERVPRO of Flower Mound if anything happens again!

The representatives who came to my house were extremely professional, courteous, honest and very helpful. Thank you for all you've done!

As featured in November 2013 SERVPRO newsline. "You probably get emails like this all the time, but I didn't want to miss an opportunity to recognize excellence! The SERVPRO professionals from Flower Mound, Texas were our Super Heroes! They were there in an instant and always made us feel confident that the job would be done the right way with no "shortcuts." The team was reliable, tireless, respectful, and enthusiastic."

Thank you to Jake, Darren, and Vaddell for their professional work and kindness during this difficult time.

"They were on time friendly, competent, and represented your company very well. Thank you and your team, John Mondy for making it Like it Never Even Happened!" SERVPRO of Flower Mound, Texas received local WOW award from our regional office for the outstanding service provided to this customer.

Great customer service, great team work!

Your team arrived at the scheduled time and they were very polite and explained what they were going to do. They worked quickly and efficiently and finished on time. Thank you for your service we are very grateful!

Excellent customer service...Thank You!

Very professional, competent, thorough, engaging, and honest. These qualities stand in contrast to the other two companies I had come to my home. Great company and great experience.

Everyone of your specialists were excellent!

"Jake and his team did a wonderful job, were very professional and polite. I will put a notice on Bridlewood MOHS Yahoo Groups and copy of your company information for all homeowners to find.

The team responded was extremely nice and clean.

These guys have been such a big help to me and my children. On Tuesday night, our house flooded from a jetted tub leak behind the panel. Ruined carpet and walls in adjoining rooms. SERVPRO of Flower Mound professionals - Jake, Ryan, Chuck, and Shane have been so courteous, informative, and kind explaining this entire process, as this was a first for me. An experience like this is already difficult enough and their knowledge helped me feel calm and reassured!

SERVPRO has been fantastic. We just moved into our house and had a leak affect 3 areas. Within 30 minutes SERVPRO was onsite to provide an estimate and then got started the same day. We had to pay out of pocket due to deductible but the team was mindful of that to help keep costs down. The team of gentlemen were very nice, went over all of the forms, and kept us informed of what they were doing to fix the problem. I highly recommend this team!

Overall was a good experience, they were very prompt. It was a minor issue but although we didn't need their services they provided us with very good advice.

SERVPRO is extremely helpful and knowledgeable and got the job done in the most cost-effective way. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone!

I cannot say enough great things about this team. Not only did they respond promptly to my request, but they came over to do a free consult. More impressive was the honestly in the assessment. They took the time to appropriately assess whatever mold issues our house had, and they were kind enough to let us know that we really didn't have any serious problems. It's hard to find someone that honest in this day. I can't recommend them highly enough!

SERVPRO of Flower Mound was courteous, prompt, and straight forward from the initial contact onward. As a small business owner, I cannot stress enough how nice it is to deal with someone who is honestly looking out for your best interests as well as providing excellent service. Thanks again.

This team has been an incredible group of professionals to help our family! Our water heater burst and flooded our first floor. The crew came in and dried everything out, packed up our belongings, stored them and have been available and helpful to us every step of the way. They communicated daily, giving us updates and asking us what we needed. I would recommend SERVPRO very highly to anyone who needs water mitigation or with any disaster!

Very pleasant and professional. I had made an offer on a house and my inspector requested further investigation of an exterior area of concern for water damage. Time was essential to my predicament. This team was able to come out the next day! They even waited for my realtor to arrive so he could further investigate the interior of the home to ensure my safety. Thank you so much.

As a licensed mold inspector and water damage expert in the state of Texas, I have worked with SERVPRO of Flower Mound for over 10 years. No job has been too small or too large for them to help people and businesses. Often they have lent support to other remediation companies just to make sure the job was done correctly and thoroughly. They will work until the job is complete and I highly recommend them.

SERVPRO guys were great during this process. They were on time or early to every scheduled appointment and explained the work that was going to be done each day. I hope I don't have another fire in my home but if I do I know who to call!

You found and got rid of the smell in my house quickly and rather easy. Surprised it didn't take longer so thank you again!

Workers wanted to save me as much damage and money as possible. They acted as if it was their own business. The workers also explained everything to my understanding during the process.

SERVPRO came out as soon as they got the call from our insurance company with updated equipment to detect wherever the problem was with our carpet. We were told up front how long it would take to complete the job and it was done in the time frame given. SERVPRO was very professional and made sure we were satisfied with the job that was done.

You said you'd call back in an hour to schedule, it was less than 10 minutes and the guys showed up early for the appointment. Overall friendly service and a great recommendation!

SERVPRO was friendly, on time, and told us what to expect. They were also very careful with our huge table that was taken to be stored at their warehouse. I would recommend them simply because the way we were treated and the great job they did!

Thank you SERVPRO of Flower Mound for being a sponsor at our event again this year! Not only are you helping us reach our annual goals but you are also helping these incredible children that we have the honor of supporting.

If I had to rate SERVPRO of Flower Mound I would give them a 10! They are great guys & gals! They were supportive through the process & worked hard!

I was very impressed by the team that performed services at my home after the fire. Their knowledge of what needed to be done and in what order was comforting as I had no idea where to start. The lead technician was very helpful and explained everything to me. I would definitely refer them to anyone in need! 

Service was prompt and crew was very helpful and courteous. They expressed a willingness to do what needed to be done in a timely manner.

The guys that came every time were amazing! Great work, friendly, awesome with kids and dogs! Best customer service around!

You all had a quick response, courteous staff, and always provided updates every day. Thank you for providing excellent service at my place of business.

We ended up not having a need for mold remediation, but we still were offered any aid necessary in the form of a letter stating no need for work to be done. You were all wonderful and attention was well served. Your help was incredibly appreciated!

John and his crews were quick, efficient, and well equipped. This was our first time to go through a water flooding issue. When water trouble hits, time is working against us. Because John is very responsive and so equipped I won't hesitate in his referral!

If I had to rate the service we received it would be a 10+! Everyone was professional, polite, and always on time. The team did a great job saved the brand new floors in our office and made a bad situation seem easy!

Thank you to the professionals at SERVPRO of Flower Mound for helping walk through the process at my business. Although the majority of it was burnt to a crisp you helped me figure out where to go from here. The few items that were salvageable turned out great after cleaning them and I greatly appreciate it! Hope this doesn't happen again but if it does, I know who to call. Thanks again.